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Tom - Royal Marine

I first came to Helen for help when I applied to join the Royal Marine Commandos. I was in alright shape but my running was atrocious. Helen gave me a running schedule to keep up with, starting at an easy pace for short distances, then slowly increasing to a faster pace as well as longer distances. At one stage I was getting sharp pains in my shins so Helen adapted the running schedule by easing off the fast, road runs to slower and more muddy runs to take this in account.  I went from having to take breaks on a 3 mile run with shoes, to 8 mile runs in boots. These runs included tough hill reps and exercises like press ups, without any breaks at all. There would be no way I could have passed my RoyalMarines selection course (PRMC) without her help. Huge thanks to Helen!

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Lena - Age Group GB Triathlete

Helen is a fantastic coach to work with. She has been meticulously thorough in her preparation studying both myself as an athlete and any race route for competitions, and tailors the training programme towards it. It has been so great just being able to work off the programme she writes for me and not have to think what training needs to be done in the next few days, weeks. or months ahead. She knows how busy I am with work and home life, and she accounts for all of this, tweaking my programme as I go along according to the feedback I give her. I wouldn't be where I am in Triathlon without her!!

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Sonia - Half Marathon Runner

Helen had already helped me to train for a 10K so when I decided to have a go at a Half Marathon, I had no hesitation in asking her to help me. Helen gets to know you as an individual runner and person, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, even down to how your mind works! She came up with a plan to fit around my lifestyle which was both manageable and realistic. Along the way the plan had to be adapted to accommodate the inevitable changes that life throws at us. For Helen no problem was insurmountable. There were highs and lows, but I knew that she would always be there for me, celebrating the former and support, and advising during the latter. If I found any aspect tough, she would always come up with a solution. Helen even advised on nutritional needs for before, during and after the race. I arrived at the start line feeling positive and prepared and I crossed the finish line feeling strong and happy and that was down in no small part to Helen’s support and guidance.

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Sarah - Hughenden Lady

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you Helen. You have no idea how much Hughenden Ladies has helped me. In the time that I’ve joined, life has felt like an emotional roller coaster but this special group has really helped me get through a tough time. I’m so grateful and happy for having found this group and every single Lady including yourself of course is truly inspiring!

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Dave - Marathon Runner

Getting ready ... and I think at this point I would like to say a massive thanks to running coach Helen Hinde ! Not only has she created a suitable training plan including a running schedule and Strength and Conditioning for an overweight old bloke, she has put up with my dad jokes and obvious lack of physical ability. She has done her best with what little I’ve got, which is all I could ask!
It’s now down to me - bring on the Soreen!


Lisa – Busy Mum, Garden Designer and Exerciser

I had been struggling with back pain for a very long time which had prevented me from doing many of the activities that I love and also doing my job properly. I approached Helen because I have known her for some time and trusted her. Previous experts had recognised that my back pain could be helped by strengthening my core and glutes but had set me unrealistic programmes that I could not maintain and had left me frustrated and still in pain.

Helen worked with me to understand my schedule, capability and limits. She developed a twice a week programme that would target the areas that needed strengthening; the exercises challenged me but were achievable and Helen took the time to explain the benefit of each exercise which ensured that I would do them properly. We get together every 4- weeks where, with my feedback, she gives me a new set of exercises. The programme has evolved and I am stronger, pretty much pain free, back to running and swimming, and I feel more able at work.


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