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Coaching for Running and Cycling,
Personal Training and Nutrition
tailored to you….

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Helen has been a qualified Running Coach since 2012, and is an Event Group Endurance Coach, the highest level of coaching qualification at UK Athletics for Endurance running. Helen is an Athletics coach and coaches talented youngsters at a local athletics club, Bucks Speed Demons.

In addition to this she is a Level 5 NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a British Cycling Coach and a Nutrition Coach.

Helen is a successful athlete who has competed in running races from road through to cross country and from 5k through to marathons.

Helen is also a committed cyclist and combines her two sports by racing in duathlons where she has represented Great Britain in international age group competitions.

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Coaching, Personal Training and Nutrition

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1-2-1 Coaching

Personalised running and cycling coaching includes
1-2-1 technical sessions/gait analysis, and training schedules for specific target events. 

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Group Coaching

Helen runs a regular Ladies Running Group,coaches with a local Athletics squad and works with sports teams for fitness.

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Personal Training

As an NASM Level 5 Personal Trainer, Helen offers
a bespoke service  for any individual whatever
their need for fitness gain. 

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Nutrition Coach

As a Nutrition Coach, Helen offers tailored advice to support the individual’s nutritional needs for their chosen sports. This can include nutritional advice for specific training, event or race, and weight management when combined with exercise and performance enhancement.


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I first came to Helen for help when I applied to join the Royal Marine Commandos. I was in alright shape but my running was atrocious. Helen gave me a running schedule to keep up with, starting at an easy pace for short distances, then slowly increasing to a faster pace as well as longer distances. At one stage I was getting sharp pains in my shins so Helen adapted the running schedule by easing off the fast, road runs to slower and more muddy runs to take this in account.  I went from having to take breaks on a 3 mile run with shoes, to 8 mile runs in boots without any breaks at all. There would be no way I could have passed my Royal Marines selection course (PRMC) without her help. Huge thanks to Helen!

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Lena - Age Group GB Triathlete

Helen is a fantastic coach to work with. She has been meticulously thorough in her preparation studying both myself as an athlete and any race route for competitions, and tailors the training programme towards it. It has been so great just being able to work off the programme she writes for me and not have to think what training needs to be done in the next few days, weeks. or months ahead. She knows how busy I am with work and home life, and she accounts for all of this, tweaking my programme as I go along according to the feedback I give her. I wouldn't be where I am in Triathlon without her!!

Tom - Royal Marine

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